The New F20 EFI portable outboard, built on the same award-winning platform as the F25, sees many of Yamaha’s larger engine technologies introduced to this smaller engine platform.

The new F20 now comes with both battery and battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) options, for enhanced fuel economy, power and operating performance.

Other features include the introduction of variable trolling to allow for the perfect lure presentation, increased displacement from 362 to 432 cm
3, and a high-output alternator which sees a 60% increase in output to meet additional electronic equipment power demand.

This engine comes in a number of configurations, including battery-less EFI, manual start and/or electric start,  manual tilt or power tilt, and now with a new smaller and shorter multi-function tiller handle for the power tilt option.

Technical Specification

HeightS: 424 [16.7] | L: 551 [21.7]
WeightS(MH): 57 | L (MH): 59 | L(WPH): 67
Engine4-Stroke, SOHC In-line 2
Bore65 x 65.1
Max RPM5000-6000
StarterManual (M), Manual and Electric (W)
Coil120W (MH)
Alternator12V - 16A with Rectifier Regulator (Battery Charging Kit Optional)
OperationTiller handle (H)
TiltManual Tilt, Power Tilt (P)
Network GaugesN/A
Fuel Tank24
Gear Ratio2.08 : 1
Lpd Switch1

Engine 1

Horse Power 20